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Post  renodraws Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:48 pm

If you didn't know, all the marijuana produced to be used in studies comes from one place/organization - The National Institute on Drug Abuse growing at the Univ of Miss. You must go through them to get the drug for any tests. Many people have said that unless you phrase your study in negative terms, it is very hard to receive a supply for you study.
All other schedule drugs can be produced by Government approved labs. This is the ony exception.
One guy tried to get this changed. A DEA adminstrative judge ruled that it would be in the public's intrest to allow compeition.
The DEA has rejected this proposal to start an alternative site to produce it for studies. They have always said that for medical marijuana to be a vaild medicane it must go through all of the other medical trials that other drugs do. But the DEA is blocking that from happening. Also, it falls back that no pharm company is willing to spend the money on trials because anyone could produce the medicine.


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Post  czarinaanna Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:37 pm

Goes to show ya the government + the pharmaceutical companies are gung-ho on keeping this out of the hands of American adults! Shouldn't that tell you how GOOD it is??? If they had ONE case of cannabis-induced black lung/mental problems/cancer/etc they would be parading corpses in front of us daily. If pot were legalized I bet at LEAST 25% of the (legal) drugs out there wouldn't be making any money anymore. Fuck Anslinger and his lies.


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