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Predictions from 2009

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Predictions from 2009 Empty Predictions from 2009

Post  renodraws Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:31 pm

Follow Link and Read before following post.

If you didn't notice, the last time that this web page was updates was April 2005.

How many things on the left hand side have occurred?

The left side even were a little under budget.

"Invading Iraq will divert political attention and scarce military
resources from Operation Enduring Freedom , hurting the war effort and possibly allowing al Qaida to regroup and to counterattack."

"Iraq could collapse and devolve into civil war if Husseins successors fail."

"The US would have to keep troops in Iraq even after Hussein's
regime has fallen. Such an occupation could be along the scales of
Allied occuaption of post-war Germany and Japan."
"Iran, fearing that it could be the next state to be attacked, could nuclearize."

All three of these items are huge problems now in 2009.


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